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Dua For Studies – Wazifa For Success In Studies


As a teenager, the student you definitely want to be good and successful in your studies. It lays the foundation for your career in life. However, not everyone has a sharp mind to cope up with the tough coursework and syllabus. If you are weak in studies and you fail to learn things easily, then you should make dua for studies. The dua will help you in getting perfect in your studies. It will sharpen your learning power and make you successful in exams.

The dua for studies will add to your skills and academic reports. It will help you in being more intelligent in studies and getting higher marks. If as a student you have failed several times and you want to enhance your studying abilities, then wazifa for success in studies will be of great help to you. It will add your learning power and make you more successful in class, studies, and exams. Those students who have no interest in studies and always want to play around, their parents are quite worried about their future. If your child does the same, then dua will really help you out.

Wazifa For Success In Studies

It will make your child take studies very seriously and never indulge in anything else at the time of studies. The dua to concentrate on studies will make your child more sincere towards his studies and he will never waste his time in other things. So, without worrying about anything, just make dua to concentrate on studies and Insha Allah, you will get positive results in some time. It will boost your child with positivity and self-confidence and make him get into studies more seriously. 

Dua To Concentrate On Studies

You can get the procedure of dua to concentrate on studies from our molvi sb. He has helped a lot of mothers in making their child serious for studies. So, talk to him about the problem your child is suffering from and Insha Allah, things will better soon. It is also important to talk to your child and explain the importance of knowledge and study to him. The dua for studies will inculcate good studying habits in your child and make him learn things quickly. 

Dua For Studies is given below:

“Allah Humma In Faa Ni Bima Allam Tani Wa Allam NI Maa Yanfa Uuni Allah Humma inni As Aluka Fahmal Rabbiyen Wa Hifzal Mursaleen Al Muqarrabeen”.

“Allah Humma Li Sahla Illa Ma Ja Al Tahu Sahli Wa Anta Ta QaluAl Hzana Idhi Shi’ta Sahli”

Recite this dua daily 15 times and then sit for your studies. If you are a parent, then recite this dua 15 times, blow in a glass of water and give it to your child to drink. 

Insha Allah, within a few days, you will notice a difference in the studying pattern of your child. It will turn better with every passing day and so will his learning power. So, recite the dua with firm belief and pure faith and you will be bestowed with all you desire by the Almighty.


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