In our day to day lives, we have millions of wishes lined up. Sometimes you want them to be true the very moment, while at other instances you may be ready to wait for it. But, do you always get what you seek? Do all your wishes come true? Well, if you have something very urgent or a wish which you really want to come true, then you should recite the strongest ever muslim wazifa for wish come true. The wazifa for wish come true will transform your wish into reality and give your desires an image.

Strongest Ever Muslim Wazifa For Wish Come True

In order to make your wish come true, you have to recite the below mentioned wazifa as directed –

Begin this wazifa for wish come true on Thursday and continue it for a week. You have to recite Surah Al Fatiha as many times as given below after every obligatory prayer of the day.

  1. After Fajr namaz recite it 21 times.
  2. After that Zuhr namaz recite it 22 times.
  3. Then recite Asr namaz recite it 23 times.
  4. After that Maghrib namaz recite it 24 times.
  5. Finally, recite Insha namaz recite it 10 times.

سورة الفاتحة

Do it for a full week and pray for your wish. Plead and beg for it. Insha Allah, within a week you will get the good news of your wish to come true. Have complete faith in Allah (SWT) and the wazifa and do it with a clean heart. Remember your wish should be legit and halal and if you wish for something illegal, the wazifa will backfire and you will end up losing it all.

Strongest Ever Muslim Dua For Wish Come True

If you’re tensed and you wish to discuss your matter, then you can share it with our Molvi ji. Our Molvi sb will give you complete guidance and Insha Allah very soon you will get your wish. They will provide you with customized strongest ever Muslim dua for wish come true and you will get what you really desire.

Sometimes, it is the student who desires good marks in the exam, it is the boy who longs for a girl, it is a businessman who holds the desires to get a particular business project, it is a sick person who wishes for good health. Wish could be anything and it is one and only Allah, the most beneficent and merciful who has the power to fulfill it. So, just recite the dua and Insha Allah, it will get fulfilled.

Have complete faith in the Almighty, if you want something and it is taking a little longer then maybe it a test of your patience. So, do not give up. Keep trying and praying for indeed only Allah (SWT) knows what is best for you and He will provide you with the right thing at the right time. However, you do not have to give up asking your wishes. Recite this wazifa for wish come true and Insha Allah, within a week your wish will turn out to be true and you will get what you long for. Be confident, dedicated and devoted and Allah Talah will bestow you with what you want.

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