Ruqyah For House Protection – Dua For Protection Of House

Ruqyah For House Protection

Ruqyah is a way that is provided by our Prophet Muhammad SAW to keep you save from Black Magic, evil eye and jinn. Today many people are suffering from this problem. Normally we all have enemies in our lives. These enemies try to hurt us in many ways. Black magic is one such way by which people try to destroy the life of their enemy. 

Nobody wants to go through the pain of Black Magic. Black magic is a very dangerous thing that can destroy any person’s life. Black magic is often performed by tantriks. Some Molvi Sahib also performs black magic. It is strictly prohibited in Islam to perform black magic. Islam never gives permission to anyone for performing black magic. Still there are some people who are performing black magic. In order to save ourselves from black magic we can perform ruqyah for house protection.

Dua For Protection Of House

Naturally our enemy will not only destroy us but will also try to destroy our business our house and our family members. So to protect our family members our business and our house we shall practice Ruqyah for house protection. 

We all are concerned about our family members. We don’t want our family members to go through any pain. Ruqyah for house protection should be performed after taking all necessary information from Quran Sharif. When we leave our lover for some other person it is really a setback for anyone. Our lovers try to take revenge from us. Normally our lover goes for black magic because by practicing this black magic our lover can cause severe damage to our lives. To save ourselves from such difficulties we can go for the option of dua to protect house from jinn and evil eye and black magic.

How To Perform Ruqyah On Home

This dua is one of the most powerful dua. This dua saves us from jinn black magic and evil eye. Today people are dealing with these problems. Some people are dealing with black magic while some are facing the problem of jinn or evil eye. The dua to protect house from jinn, evil eye and black magic protect us from all three problems. 

We need protection not only for ourselves but also for our entire house. This Dua to protect house from jinn, evil eye and black magic should be performed on Friday. How to perform ruqyah on home-

  1. First of all when we are performing this ruqyah in our homes we need to be alone in our house.
  2. We should perform this ruqyah in a neat and clean place.
  3. First of all we should take a bath and after that we should make a wuzu.
  4. Then we should wear proper neat clothes.
  5. After that we should read Dua e Qunoot for 56 times.
  6. After that we should read this dua for 58 times- “ Khoolla Hoo Wallaah Hoo Ahaada –Allaah Hussaammadd”.
  7. Then read Surah Imran for 36 times.
  8. Perform this How to perform ruqyah on home for 2 days. For any guidance relating How to perform ruqyah on home you can visit our sites. 

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