Qurani Dua and Wazifa To Cure or Break Black Magic

Islamic Cure For Black Magic By Quran Dua

We all make dua for our magfirat and for the magfirat of our beloved ones to find peace afterlife but what happens if life here becomes unbearable? Yes, there are situations in which you become completely a different person and try to harm your own self or your near and dear ones too. One of such mumit and life threatening situation is getting trapped into black magic. Yes, it is deadly in most of the cases or maybe something similar to it in some cases. In such situation only, the Islamic cure for black magic by Quran dua can help you.

Sometimes, you work hard and ALLAH SUBHAN WAA TAALA blesses you with enormous wealth to meet the needs of your family and of needy people. You must be giving zakkat appropriately and you are never proud about your riches but still you may have certain enemies. Good and decent people always have some haters who hate your good work because it may make them feel low about themselves. There are many Qurani ayaats and duayein which are given in Quran shareef to help people in seeking revenge from people who have wronged them but some evil people use these ayaats to hurt good and innocent people too.

Qurani Wazifa To Break Black Magic

In such situation, only the Qurani wazifa to break black magic can help you. Since, your enemy has used these Qurani ayats in a wrong manner therefore you need to break this black magic through Qurani wazifa only, which has been casted upon you. You must be wondering how Qurani ayaats can help a person with evil intentions. Yes, of course ALLAH SUBHAN WAA TAALA knows everything and he gives us the time to repent on our sins but when we fail to realize his blessings and neymats and when the period to seek forgiveness will get over the person who has casted an evil black magic spell on you, will be punished by the Almighty, INSHA ALLAH.

But, here our major concern is to help you by telling you the best Islamic procedure to break black magic through Qurani wazifa and get out of this evil trap, as soon as possible. We know, you haven’t done anything wrong but because of someone’s evil thoughts you are suffering every day, maybe you are losing your health, you may lose your near and dear ones or face financial troubles, etc. in such situation, you must see our Molvi ji to seek the best Islamic cure for black magic by Quran dua. These duas are extremely powerful and have the capacity to change your destiny / takdeer.

Break Black Magic Through Qurani Wazifa

Here’s is a Qurani dua to cure black magic given for you – Astagh Firul Laah Astagh Firul Laah Astagh Firul Laah, La Elaaha Ill Lal Laa Hu Mohammad Ur Rasool Ul Laah Sal Lal Laa Hu Alay Hi Wa Sallam.

Qurani dua to cure black magic in Arabic –

وسلم علياللصلى اللّٰهَ ترَسُولُ ه مُحَمَّدٌ ٱلل إِلَّا إِلٰهَ لَ, 3 x اللّٰهَ أَسْتَغْفِر

To perform the Qurani wazifa to break black magic, you need to recite the above given Qurani dua everyday 100 times in the morning after getting and at night before going to bed, and blow it on yourself. This dua will bring you under the protection of ALLAH SUBHAN WA TAALA and very soon, your black magic problems will be cured, Ameen.

Note: First seek permission from our Molvi Ji before performing this wazifa.

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