Islamic Wazifa for Wife To Come Back – Wazifa To Bring Wife Back

Islamic Wazifa for Wife To Come Back – Wazifa To Bring Wife Back
November 23, 2018 | By: admin

Islamic Wazifa For Wife To Come Back

Does your wife doesn’t have the basic romantic skills to make you feel loved? Do you and your wife fight a lot over small things and every time there is an argument, she leaves the house? Well, if your wife has left your house and has gone to her father’s house to stay, then this is not right. It is very important to maintain the marital balance for a happy married life. However, if your wife isn’t behaving maturely and she leaves the house every now and then for petty reasons, then you should recite the wazifa for wife come back. The wazifa will help you get your wife back to you. She will behave well with you and never leave the house again.

Sometimes a wife demands extra attention and when the husband doesn’t fulfills her demand, she may get annoyed and leave him. If your wife has left you because of this, then you should immediately recite the Islamic wazifa to bring wife back.

Islamic Wazifa For Wife Love

With the help of this wazifa for wife love, you can bring your angry wife back to you. She will not be angry with you and will love you whole heartedly. The wazifa for wife come back will get you the love, attention, affection and admiration of your wife and she will realize your importance and come back to you on her own.

Wazifa To Bring Wife Back

Sometimes it is the husband who craves for the love of his wife and it is the wife who lacks the enthusiasm and bond to make the marriage work. Well, if your wife doesn’t actively participate in making your relationship a success, it is the duty of the husband to save the marriage. You should immediately speak to our molvi ji about your problem and he shall give you the best wazifa for wife love. The wazifa will rescue you from this problem and will make your wife more loving, attractive and caring. It will upgrade your marital life and she will do as you want.

Islamic Wazifa To Bring Wife Back

The Wazifa to bring wife back is mentioned below –

  • Commence the wazifa on a full moon night.
  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice before beginning
  • Recite this dua mentioned 100 times

Subhanal Ladhee Wais Khwahaan Min Kun Wal Hamdo Lillah Zuba nash Gau Ya Min Wala Ilaha Illah Laho Chasmi Baidi Min Kun Wallaho Akbar Gau Shish Yas Nu’ Min Wala Hawla Wala Kuwwata Illa Billah Hil Aliyil Azeem. Humma Tan Wa Humma Jaan Fala Min Fala Ko matee’u Wa Farmabardar Min Kun Bihaqqi Ha Kalamul Ameen

  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice in the end.
  • Recite this wazifa for 14 days.
  • Remember to think about your wife while performing this wazifa to bring wife back.
  • Insha Allah, your wife will come back to you very soon.

No matter what the reason is of your wife leaving you and going, with the help of wazifa to bring wife back, you can easily get your wife back to you. She will come back with a changed nature. She will be your obedient and will love you like never before.

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