What is Islamic Dua?

Our Prophet Mohammad Sallal La Hu Alai Wa Salam said, “Dua is the
heart of an act of worship”.
Our creator says in Quran, the Holy Book – “Call me; I shall answer
your Dua or prayers.”
Dua literally means supplication; so, Dua is seeking help of our
creator to get our wishes fulfilled just like a kid asks for something
he or she likes from the parents.

How Islamic Dua is performed?

•       Get sincere to make dua, make wuzu and face towards Qibla.
•       You need to make sure that you are absolutely clean, now raise your
hands up to the chest with the palm side facing upwards.
•       Start with beautiful names of Allah. Try to be insistent.
•       Glorify your Lord, recite Durud Nabi, at beginning as well as in the end.
•       Confess mistakes, shortcoming & show regret and desires.
•       Try to cry, if feel like and then end the prayer or Dua with “Al Hum Du Lillah Rabbil Aa Lameen”.

How Islamic Dua is Beneficial for us?

Dua is a mean to communicate to Allah swt. It is an extremely
important part of our belief. It is a source to get closer to
Almighty. It is a strong weapon provided to us by Allah as a gift or
blessing, through which we can change our destiny in every situation.
Allah SWT listen to our prayers so we can fulfill our desires by
making prayers. Dua has power to change our lives and our fate and it
open the door of mercy (taubah) for those who have sinned.

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