Dua For Love – Islamic Dua For Attraction

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Dua For Love

There are some husbands who are not able to get the love and attraction of their wives. Islam gives equal right to both husbands and wives. Husbands and wives both have the right to get the love and attraction of each other. Islam has made the relationship of husband and wife the most beautiful relationship in this entire world. If anyone of them is not able to get love and attraction of their partner they can go for the option of Dua for love – Islamic dua for attraction.

Many wives commit suicide if they are not able to get true love and attraction from their husbands. It is really a very sad thing when a person commits suicide. In Islam committing suicide is Haram. Islam never gives permission to anyone for suicide. That is why Islam gives proper answer for every problem. This Dua for love-Islamic dua for attraction is a proper solution that is provided by Islam for all those people who want to get love and attraction from their partner. This is a very strong dua. Before performing this dua for love – Islamic dua for attraction all necessary arrangements should be done.

Islamic Dua For Attraction

Creating love in anyone someone’s heart is the most difficult thing to do. It often happens with many people that our lover leaves us for some other person. The love that was there between us and our partner comes to an end. In order to get our lover back we need to create love again in our partner heart. Dua to make someone love you will help you in getting your love back. Dua to make someone love you should be performed in a single room. Dua to make someone love you will help you in creating true love in your partner heart.

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Dua To Get Someone Back In Life

  1. Firstly make fresh ablution.
  2. After that read Surah Kausar for 29 times.
  3. Then read this Dua to get someone back in life-“JazakAllah”.
  4. Read this dua for 996 times.
  5. Then read Sixth Kalma for 96 times.
  6. After that take some rice.
  7. After that read Surah Yasin for 100 times.
  8. Then mix that rice with corn.
  9. After that read Sana for three times.
  10. Then give that rice and corn to any animal to eat.
  11.  After that read Fourth Kalma for 108 times.
  12. Make a dua to Allah SWT.
  13. Perform this dua for 17 days.

Today many husbands are leaving their wives due to various reasons. One of the most basic reasons for any husband to leave his wife is that his wife is not attractive.  It is a very basic requirement that every husband wants from his wife. Every woman in this world is not beautiful. It becomes very difficult for an unattractive wife to stop her husband from leaving her. Dua to get someone back in life will help you in getting your husband back. For further details you can contact our molvi sb.

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