Har Bimari Ki Shifa Ka Wazifa – Dua For All Illness Cures

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If you are very worried about your deteriorating health and even the doctors are not able to find the right disease with the available symptoms, then it is really heart-wrenching. Seeing you getting weaker and weaker is really troublesome.

Har Bimari Ki Shifa Ka Wazifa

Well, when you do not have a cure in medical science, you have it in the Holy Quran. Yes, all you need to do is contact an expert Muslim astrologer and find out the suitable har bimari ki shifa ka wazifa. Only good and effective can help you best in these situations.

The har bimari ki shifa ka wazifa will instantly work on your body problems and no matter what your issue is; it will heal on its own.

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Dua For All Illness Cures

The best dua for all illness cures is given below, do it as directed for accurate results –

  • Below here are the ayats which you need to recite. They will wipe out all the possibilities of any and every disease from your body and Insha Allah; you will be hale and hearty in just a few days.
  • You have to write these best duas for all illness cures on bone china utensil and give them water in it to drink to the patient.
  • 1. Wa Yashfi Sudoora Qawmin Mumineena
  • 2. Wa Shiafun Limaa Fee As Sudoori
  • 3. Feehi Shifaun Lin Naas
  • 4. Ma Huwa Shifaun Wa Rahmatun Lil Mumineen
  • 5. Wa Idha Maridtu Fatuh Yashfeeni
  • 6. Qul Huwa Lil Ladheena Amaoo Hudan Wa Shifaun.
  • You can write it with saffron and itr.
  • You have to do this amal daily till the person is completely cured.
  • Insha Allah, the patient will be cured in a few days.
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Har Bimari Ki Shifa Ka Amal

When you fail to find out what illness or disease has struck your body, you literally live a very miserable life. If you’re really looking forward to fighting it and get out of it, and doctors are of no help to you then do the har bimari ki shifa ka amal and Insha Allah, you will see that things will change for your betterment and you will start recovering.

Do not give up. Remember when the whole world gives up on you, Allah Talah is the one waiting for you to supplicate and He shall bestow you with the best you deserve. You should also seek the help of an astrologer. They may propose the illness that you have been suffering from and the much-needed cure. They have wide knowledge in this regard and they are ready to help you in any and every situation.

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Har Bimari Ki Shifa Ka Taweez

So, just speak to them for the troubles your body or mind is experiencing and you will see that slowly and gradually your health will begin recovering. You can also take har bimari ki shifa ka taweez from them.

Har bimari ki shifa ka taweez will protect you and keep you safe. It is important that you perform the har bimari ki shifa ka amal with complete faith in your heart and you will see its results and in case you do not see results even after 40 days, then speak to the astrologer. You may be suffering from black magic spell or something. They will cure the spell first and then the wazifa will surely work and heal your every disease.

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