Dua To Stop Illegal Relationships – Dua To Break Unlawful Relationship

Dua To Stop Illegal Relationships

Dua To Stop Illegal Relationships; Nowadays illegal marriages are very common in a society. People don’t hesitate in keeping an extra marital relationship with someone, even after knowing that it is prohibited in Islam. If you see such a thing happening in front of you, then it is your duty to stop that person from a haram relationship. However, if the person doesn’t listen to you, then you can perform Quranic dua for break haram relationship. The dua ultimately end the unlawful relationship and help the husband and wife to live a peaceful life. Whether you as an outsider or either of the spouses, anyone can perform the Quranic dua for break haram relationship.

If you have found out that your husband or wife is cheating on you and you don’t know how to confront them, then we would suggest you to have patience and make dua to stop illegal relationships. The dua withdraw all the interest of your partner from that extramarital relationship and make him draw all his/her attention towards you. Indeed, Allah talah will end the foul relationship and prohibit your partner from cheating on you. The dua to stop illegal relationships will help you re-starting a fresh life with your partner.

Dua To Break Unlawful Relationship

Dua To Break Unlawful Relationship

Illegal relationships will never bring any good to you. If your boyfriend is keeping you in a foul relationship and is not marrying you, then it is better that you end such a relationship.  Remember if he doesn’t has the intention of marriage, then your relationship is haram and you should immediately break it. The dua to break unlawful relationship will bring your relationship to an end. It brings peace to your life and also helps you in making your akhirah. A haram relationship can damage your life, your family’s respect and societal life. Hence, you should avoid making it.

If you want to get out of a haram relationship, then Quranic dua for break haram relationship will do it for you. It will make the other person withdraw the relationship and Insha Allah, you will be free from committing this sin. You can approach our molvi sb. to get dua to break unlawful relationship and he will guide you the step by step procedure for it. Don’t worry! The dua can be practiced by anyone, either the one involved in the foul relationship or anyone who knows about it and wants to bring an end to it. 

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Quranic Dua For Break Haram Relationship

“Kul La Yas Tawil Khabeeso Wat Tayyibo Wa LauAa’ Jabaka Kas Ratal Khabeesi Fat Takul Laaha Ya Ulil Albabi La Alla Kum Tuflihoon”

Recite this dua 111 times after performing namaz of Fajr and make dua to Allah Talah to make that person quit foul relationship and never enter any haram relationship again 

Insha Allah, in a period of 41 days, you will get positive results for you. If you don’t witness any changes after 41 days, you should immediately approach our molvi sb. for it. He will offer you customized help in this regard. 

Islamic Dua To Stop Illegal Relationship

Do you have someone in your eyes who is in an unlawful relationship? Do you think that the person is cheating on his/her partner and doing wrong to them? Do you want to rectify their mistake and make things okay? Well, illegal relationships do not just destroy relations but they completely ruin lives of people and hence they should immediately be put to an end. If you want to stop any illegal relationship and that person is not listening to you, then recite Islamic dua to stop illegal relationship and very soon that haram relation will break.

If your husband or wife is involved in an illegal relationship, then it must be tormenting for you. If you want to bring an end to your partner’s extramarital affair, then dua to break haram relationship will do it for you.  Insha Allah, it will end the haram relationship and make your partner break all connections with the other person. Your spouse will come back to you and will become your loyal. The Islamic dua to stop illegal relationship will never let your husband or wife get involved with another woman or man again. 

Dua To Break Haram Relationship

If your friend, relative or siblings are involved in any kind of illegal relationship and you want them to come to the righteous path of Islam, then you can recite Quranic dua to end a haram relationship. The dua will help you in putting an end to their unlawful and illegal relationship. The relation will abruptly end and they will never see each other again. The Quran mentions that no partner should cheat the other. However, still people do the forbidden things and harm their life and hereafter. But you can protect your dear ones from it by reciting Islamic dua to stop illegal relationship. 

Allah talah will also support you and soon the relationship will come to an end. If you have suffered a lot because of the unlawful relationships of your partner, then now is the time to take steps. Recite Quranic dua to end a haram relationship and you will see how the Almighty make ways for you and your partner will gradually come back to you. If you are looking for proper guidance to make the dua to break haram relationship, you can consult our molvi sb. He will give you 100% appropriate and suitable advice for your matter.

Quranic Dua To End A Haram Relationship

Islamic dua to stop illegal relationship

  • Keep yourself lonely in a room. Make sure no one is around you or that room.
  • Recite this dua after 12 o’ clock in the night.
  • Sit on the prayer mat after making fresh ablution.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Then recite Surah Lahab 500 times and again recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then make dua to Allah talah to break the illegal or haram relationship of your partner or anyone you want.
  • Insha Allah, in a period of 3 days you will get success. If you don’t get success continue for 7 days. And still if you don’t get results, then come to us

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