Dua To Reunite Husband and Wife and Live With My Husband

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Dua To Reunite Husband and Wife

The relationship of husband and wife is very complicated. Slight misunderstanding can create big disturbance in their relationship. These fights become so severe that it leads to the separation of the partners. In order to bring back husband and wife dua to reunite husband and wife should be recited.

Every wife wants to spend her whole life with her husband. She wants that her husband to never leave her for any reason. To make sure that her husband shall never leave her, a wife can take the help of dua to live with my husband. After lots of efforts, still there are some husbands who leave their wives. They don’t care about their wives. They are so rude that they don’t even care that how will their wife live without them. For such wives the best thing to do is to perform dua to live with my husband

Dua To Live With My Husband

Dua to live with my husband is a very powerful dua. Before performing this dua to live with my husband, all necessary arrangements should be made. Separation of husband and wife can take place due to various reasons. One such reason is lack of communication. This reason is a very dangerous because this leads to separation of husband and wife. Dua to bring husband and wife together is very helpful in bringing back husband and wife together. 

Communication between husband and wife is very important. Husband should properly communicate with his wife. Same is the case with wife. Wife should also communicate properly with her husband. When husband and wife both properly communicate with each other this makes their relation stronger. Slight hesitation in the communication can be very harmful. This hesitation will create barrier between husband and wife which will certainly leads to the end of their relationship. In order to remove such barriers dua to bring husband and wife together will be very good option. 

Dua To Bring Husband and Wife Together

When husband and wife communicate properly they both can understand each other properly. This will make their bonding more powerful. They can share their feelings with each other. They can share all their positive and negative points with each other. Dua to bring husband and wife together should be performed after Jumah Namaz. Before performing this Dua to bring husband and wife together make fresh wuzu.

Dua to reunite husband and wife-

  1. Firstly the person performing this dua should make fresh wuzu.
  2. After that read Durood Shareef for 98 times.
  3. Then read this Dua to reunite husband and wife “ Bismillahi Alwasao Jallah Jalaluhoo”.
  4. Read this dua for 988 times.
  5. Then read Surah Bakra for 101 times.
  6. After that take some flowers.
  7. After that read Surah Yasin for 54 times.
  8. Then blow your breath on those flowers.
  9. Then keep those flowers in a glass of water.
  10. Then after sometime throw that glass of water and flowers also.
  11. Perform this Dua to reunite husband and wife for 10 days.

For further any instructions call our molvi sb. 

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