Wazifa And Dua To Remove Jinnat From Body, House, Husband

In this world, you have jinnat and humans. They accompany us in our home and we do not even realize. However, sometimes they make their presence feel and thus at this time, it gets important to remove them. Sometimes, jinnat falls in love with someone’s body or spouse and then it gets way more difficult to get rid of them. We, humans, are weak in front of them, however, the Qurani verses and wazifa isn’t. So, when you recite the dua to remove jinn from body, house, husband, etcthey have to bend in front of the words of Allah (SWT) and leave the person or place instantly. The dua to remove jinn from body, house, and husband is extremely effective and powerful.

Wazifa To Remove Jinnat From Husband

If your husband is very handsome, then it could be possible that he might have been undertaken by jinn. Sometimes, they try to part the wife from the husband and keep him only for themselves. If the jinn are trying to harm the wife and create differences between the two, then it is very important for the wife to recite the wazifa to remove jinnat from husband. The wazifa to remove jinnat from husband will help you get rid of the jinn and they will never again come back to your husband.

Dua To Remove Jinnat From Body

Dua To Remove Jinnat From Body

Sometimes, jinnat likes someone’s body and the house in it. It could be a boy or a girl. If you feel heavy and that someone is controlling you or not allowing you to do stuff which you actually want to, then you should recite the dua to remove jinnat from body. The dua to remove jinn from body will help you get rid of the jinnat from body and it will keep you secure from any further attack and trouble from their side. Do not be scared. Though it is quite difficult to get rid of such jinn, it isn’t impossible. Just have faith in Allah (SWT) and recite the dua to remove jinnat from body as directed and you will easily get rid of them in some time.

Wazifa To Remove Jinn From House

The procedure for the wazifa to remove jinn from house, body, husband is given below –

  • Take 2 bottles of olive oil, two big jars of honey, kalonji powder in a jar and 30 bottles of water.
  • Recite these mentioned surahs and blow every time you finish reciting on each of the bottles.
  • Durood Shareef 21 times.
  • Surah Fatiha 21 times
  • Ayat-ul-kursi 21 times
  • Surah Baqarah 1 time
  • Ayat-ul-kursi 21 times
  • Surah Fatiha 21 times
  • Durood Shareef 21 times.

Once you have done it, rub your body every night with olive oil and in the morning take shower. After reciting the obligatory prayer of the morning consume a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of kalonji.

In sha Allah, the jinnat will go away from you or the place. Do not worry. In case you do not get desirable results with this wazifa to remove jinn from house, body, husband, you can speak to the Islamic astrologer about it. He will guide you with the right procedure and you will see that the jinnat will go away on their own. Have faith in Allah and do the provided amal with full confidence. It will surely help you.


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