Dua To Remove Jinn From House and Burn Jinn

Dua To Remove Jinn From House

Jinn mean Jinnat. Jinnat is also a creation of Allah talah but they are far more powerful from human beings. Allah SWT has provided lots of power to Jinnat. Human beings cannot see Jinnat. But jinnat is always wondering around human beings. Sometimes jinn use these powers to cause harm to human beings. There are some jinnat that are good but some jinnat are not good. In order to save themselves from the bad jinn, human being can take the help of dua to burn jinn- ruqyah to remove jinn. 

Human beings cannot see jinn. Sometimes by mistake human being cause problem for jinn. Sometimes jinn are sitting beside us but we cannot see him. If by mistake we cause any problem for jinn then that jinn will create problem for us. If jinn will create problem for us then it can be very devastating for us. To get rid of such jinn we can practice this dua to remove jinn from house and body.

Dua To Burn Jinn

These jinn also try to enter our house so that they can cause harm to our whole family. To keep such jinn from our house we can try this Dua to remove jinn from house and body. People always think about their family first. One cannot see anyone causing harm to his family. He knows jinn can seriously cause lots of problem for his family. That is why he always wants to make sure that his family is safe from jinn. Dua to remove jinn from house and body will help us in doing that. Jinn can also enter into a human being body and can cause serious damage to its body. People really behave in a bad manner when jinn enter their body. This dua will help you keeping jinn away from your body. 

How To Get Rid of Jinn

  • First of all male all necessary preparation before doing this.
  • Getting rid of jinn is not a easy task. 
  • You need to be very careful while performing How to get rid of jinn.
  • Take all necessary information from Islamic books.
  • First all take a fresh bath.
  • After that wear neat and clean clothes.
  • Then make a fresh ablution.
  • After that sit in a alone room.
  • While performing this don’t talk to anybody.
  • First of all read Fourth Kalma for 96 times.
  • After that read this dua for 56 times-“ Khoolla Hoo Wallaah”.
  • After that read Fifth Kalma for 87 times.
  • Then take the name of yourself and your family members for 100 times.
  • You also want to free your family members from jinn.
  • Then make a dua to Allah SWT.
  • Nothing is possible without the consent of Allah SWT.
  • Perform this for 4 days.

Jinn can be good as well as bad for a human being. But bad jinn can be very dangerous for any human being. To prevent this person can practice how to get rid of jinn.

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