Dua To Make Someone Obey You – Kisi Ko Apna Banane Ka Wazifa

Dua To Make Someone Obey You – Kisi Ko Apna Banane Ka Wazifa
August 20, 2019 | By: admin

Dua To Make Someone Obey You

Dua to make someone obey you: Every day, each one of us prays or wishes for something from Allah subhan Wa Taalah. With change in times, our prayers and desires keep on changing but the process of praying and asking from the Almighty always remains the same. Everyone who knows the correct method to pray and things to do in order to make sure that their prayers are accepted; are making efforts in the right direction.  It is important to pray in the manner told by our Prophet Mohammad Sallallah ho Alaihe wa aali hi Wasallam in order to fulfill what you seek for. Every method is mentioned in Quran shareef, you must meet an experienced and reliable Islamic expert to learn the best methods and wazifa.

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If you love someone with all your heart and day – night, his or her thought keep coming back to you and you want him or her to be yours, forever – then there are ways or methods that can help you out.

Note: Practice these methods only when you are interested in marrying someone. Do not practice the wazifa and amals to spoil someone’s life or to break their heart. Always perform the wazifa with good intentions.

Kisi Ko Apna Banane Ka Wazifa

Kisi Ko Apna Banane Ka Wazifa
If you are in love with a girl, but finding it hard to tell her or ask her parents for marriage, then practice the kisi ko apna banana k wazifa. The “kisi ko apna banane ka wazifa” has helped thousands of lovers in completing their love stories. kisi ko apna banana k wazifa will make everything easier for you. Yes, it will get really simple to talk to the person you like and her parents and to convince them for marriage. The “kisi ko apna banana k wazifa” can change your destiny and it will write the name of your lover in your hands and insha Allah, it will help you in getting her in your life, forever.

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There are many dua and wazifa available in the holy book – Quran to help you in changing mind of people and making them obey you. These wazifa will make people like you and respect your suggestions and choices. The Dua to make someone obey you has changed the heart of so many stubborn people. Yes, this Dua to make someone obey you is so powerful and effective that it can change the mind of people in just few days. They will blindly trust your judgment and fear going against you. They will never do a thing that can make you angry or upset. Thjus, if you want to be the most important person in someone’s life and want them to obey every wish and commnd of yours then practice the dua, amal & wazifa to make someone obey you.

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Dua to make someone obey you – Quran Shareef – mein bataya hua Surah Faatir padhe:

إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُسْمِعُ مَن يَشَاءُ

English Transliteration: Inna ALLAHA Yus Meeu’ Mann Yaa shaoo

English Translation: ALLAH will grant him with the will to listen

If this dua doesn’t helps you in next seven days, then please contact us for better and instant solutions.

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