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Dua To Make My Wife Obedient


According to the Shariah rule, the wife has been made subordinate to her husband. She should listen to him, love him, obey him and respect him. However, every wife doesn’t abide by this Islamic regulation and very frequently disobey their husbands. They do not listen to their husband and respect their decision as written in the Quran. So, if you think that your wife is disobedient and she doesn’t listen to you, then you should recite the dua to make my wife obedient. The wazifa to make my wife obedient is the right option to make your wife obey you and follow anything and everything you say.

Method Of Performing Dua

  • You must do “NAMAZ” five times daily to get the desired result.
  • Clean yourself and say, “ESHA.” Then sit down on a “JAA E NAMAZ” facing “QIBLA.”
  • After that, you have to say “SURAH MUZAMMIL” 45 times. Then, take a box of sweets in your right hand and blow on it. Your wife should eat sweets.
  • You have to keep doing this for seven days straight.

Sometimes, the wife holds a lot of arrogance, ego and attitude in her heart and considers her supreme. If your wife doesn’t value you and thinks very high of her, then you should recite the wazifa to control my wife. The wazifa will help you control your wife and give you the rightful honor that you deserve. With the help of the dua to make my wife obedient, your wife will not just begin obeying you but will also respect you and love you with all her heart.

Wazifa To Make My Wife Love Me

Wazifa To Make My Wife Obedient

Every husband deserves love and affection of his wife. But, if the wife doesn’t live up to the expectation of her husband and doesn’t give the respect and love that a husband desires then you should recite the dua to make my wife obedient. The wazifa is very strong and will provide instant results. You will see a change in your wife and she will love you like a real wife should love her husband. She will take care of you, obey you and respect you in the best possible way.

Steps To Follow To Perform Wazifa To Make My Wife Love Me-

  • Her complete focus is on you.
  • No problems in your life that are caused by things outside of you.
  • Lessen the worries you have about your parents.
  • Solves the problem of connecting with other relatives.
  • Get rid of any hidden desire for someone else.

If your wife is interested in someone else and has lost all her interest in you, then it is tragic. However, if you still wish to save your relationship and give your wife another chance, then you should seek immediate help of our molvi ji. Explain the complete matter to him and seek his help. He will guide you in the Islamic way and render the best wazifa to make my wife love me for your matter.

Wazifa For Wife To Love Her Husband

If your wife doesn’t treat you well and misbehaves with you, but you still love her and want her to change then the Wazifa For Wife To Love Her Husband will help you in the best way. Just recite the wazifa as directed and you will see that in a few days, your wife will start behaving with you well.

She will care for you and perform all her duties in the right manner. Do not lose hope. Recite the wazifa for obedient wife if your wife likes to converse to men. The wazifa for wife to be obedient will change her habits and she will become a better person.

The wazifa for wife to love her husband is mentioned below:

  • Perform this wazifa for wife to love her husband  after the namaz of Isha.
  • Recite Surah Muzammil 41 times and blow it on something sweet while keeping it in your right hand.
  • Give it to your wife to eat. Insha Allah, in just 7 days, your wife will change.
  • She will become the person that you have always wanted her to become.

However, it is better to consult our molvi ji first and then begin it. In case of more help, you should contact our Islamic Scholar Peer Muhammad Qadri Ji. Insha Allah, the Almighty will hear your prayer and give you what you ask. 

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