Dua To Get Wife Back and Bring Wife Back and Control

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Dua To Get Wife Back

Not every marriage is perfect. Sometimes the husband lacks, while the other times it is the shortcomings of the wife which creates problem in a marriage. If are a partner you are tired of the mistakes, bad habits and temperament of your wife and you want to control her activities, then you should recite dua to get wife back. This will make your wife listen to you and do things as you want. 

There are some wives who have the habit of going to their parent’s home on small fights, every now and then. If your wife is of that nature and she takes all your arguments and fights to her home, then duas to bring wife back and control is the best remedy for you. It will make your wife come back home on her own and not repeat it again. The dua to bring wife back and control will end the aggression and anger of your wife and she will not react so furiously to anything. She will not lose her calm and deal with things wisely, rather than going to her home and not coming back.

Dua To Bring Wife Back and Control

If you have fought with your wife and she has left you and gone to her mother’s place and is not ready to come to you, then dua to get wife back will help you out in this situation. It will make your wife lose her temper and come back to you. She will forgive you and things will get back to normal. The dua to get wife back will bring your wife home no matter how bad the situation is. Even if the condition has reached to the stage of divorce, she would still come back to you to resolve the issue.

You can get the process of duas to make obedient from our molvi sb. He will give you the accurate dua for it. No marriage is perfect but you can make it perfect by practicing dua to bring wife back and control. It will make your marriage peaceful and end the daily arguments and fights. Insha Allah, your wife will obey you and do everything you say. She will not question you, argue against anything with you, but just follow you as you want her to. So go ahead and make dua to bring wife back and control and get your marriage in your control.

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Dua to bring wife back and control is given below:

“Aniqzi Feehi Fit Taabooti Faqzi Fehi Fil Yammi Fal Yul Qihil Yammu Bis Sahili Yaakhu Zuhu Adduwil Lee Wa Aduwul Lah Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni wa Litus Naa’a Alaa Ainee”

Recite this dua 111 times daily at any time of the day and think of your wife and then blow it on her. Insha Allah within a period of 11 days, your wife will start missing you and come back to you. 

If you have any queries related to the dua, you shall come to our molvi sb. for instant help. 

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