Amal, Wazifa And Dua To Destroy Enemy Thinking Power

At one point of time, you truly get tired of these mind games you have been fighting with your enemy.  You just want to put an end to it and continue with your life. However, your enemy may not be thinking the same. He may have thought of other ideas to make your life hell. Well, if you do not wish to face anymore threats from your enemy and you do not want to see his face again, then the right way is to recite the dua to destroy enemy thinking power. When you recite this dua to destroy enemy thinking power, it will weaken the mind of your enemy and he/ she will no longer be able to cause you any kind of harm.

Dua To Destroy Enemy Thinking Power

The wazifa to destroy enemy thinking power is given below –

  • Write the ayat mentioned below on some sweet and give this to him to eat.
  • Make sure he eats it empty stomach.
  • Insha Allah, very soon he will start losing his thinking power and ability to do misdeeds.
  • “Wa Iz Akhazna Misa Ka Kum Wa Ra Faa Na Fau Kakumut Tura Khuzu Ma Atainakum Be Kuwwatin Was Miyu Kalu Samina Wa Asaina Wa Ushribu Fi Kulu Bihimul Ijla Bi Kufrihim Kul Bis Ma’aa Ya Murukum Bihi Imanakum In Kuntum Mu’Mi Neen”
  • In order to check the feasibility of the wazifa, you should speak to the Islamic astrologer.

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Thinking Power

Dua To Destroy Enemy Thinking Power

If your enemy keeps inventing new measures and method to cause you destruction and harm through his mind, then the right way to stop him is to bar his powers. Indeed, Allah (Swt) has all the powers to take away his mind capabilities and the ability to make plans. When you recite the wazifa to destroy enemy thinking power, it will help you lower his instinct and intellectual level. He will not be able to think of new ideas to harm you or your family or business in any way. It will secure you and everyone around you from his malicious methods.

Amal To Destroy Enemy Thinking Power

In order to make your enemy lose his understanding ability and to destroy his thinking capabilities, it is very important for you be pious. Make sure you perform all the obligatory prayers of the day and recite Quran Shareef once a day. It will add to your protection against your enemies. Do not lose hope. When you perform the amal to destroy enemy thinking power, it will start showing you results in just a few days. Very soon, your enemy will have no stand in front of you and all his efforts to harm you will go in vain.

In case the wazifa doesn’t give you desired results, then you should instantly seek help of the astrologer. The astrologer will guide you with another possible wazifa. Just have faith in the astrologer and share your smallest details. It will help him choose the right rohani ilaj for you and very soon the amal will destroy the thinking power of your enemy from the core and he shall suffer all his life.

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