Dua To Change Husband’s Heart and Mind in Islam

Dua To Change Husband’s Heart

If your husband wants to leave you for some other woman and obviously no wife in this entire world wants her husband to leave her for some other woman and she will take all desperate measures to prevent her husband from leaving her but sometimes after taking all desperate measures she is not able to stop her husband from leaving her. Then in such a situation, the best thing for a wife is to do dua to change husband’s heart. By reciting this dua wife can stop her husband from leaving her.

Some husbands are very rude. They talk with their wives very badly. They insult their wives on every small issue. This makes the life of the wife very painful. No woman can always tolerate that her husband always being rude to her. She wants love from her husband. When the wife gets love and care from her husband she becomes the luckiest woman in this world. Changing the attitude of her husband dua to make her husband listen to wife will be the best way to that.

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Dua To Change Husband’s Mind

When a wife can change the mind of her husband she can make her husband do anything. She can make her husband loyal to herself. Dua to change husband’s mind is a very effective dua it should be done with proper care. Similarly, some husbands have a very strong heart. They don’t have any feelings for their wives. They treat their wives like animals.

They even beat their wives very badly. Such wives become so frustrated that they want to commit suicide. Suicide is not the solution to any problem. Such wives can take the help of dua to melt the husband’s heart. By reciting this dua wife can make the heart of her husband soft and thus she can create her love and feelings in the heart of her husband. Dua to melt husband’s heart should be performed after Chast Namaz.

Dua To melt Husband’s Heart

Dua To Melt Husband’s Heart

  • Firstly read 8 Rakat of optional namaz.
  • Then read this Durood Shareef for 8 times.
  • After that read Dua to change my husband’s heart “Min Fadlika Al – Azim”.
  • Read this Dua 985 times.
  • After that again read Durood Shareef 8 times.
  • After that read Attihayat 25 times. 
  • After that take a packet of Aggarbatti and light all those Aggarbatti in your husband’s room in which he is sleeping.
  • While your husband is sleeping you need to recite Surah Kafiroon 85 times.
  • Then the next morning collect all the Aggarbatti and bury them outside your house.
  • Then read Sana 78 times.
  • InshaAllah you will be able to change the heart of your husband.
  • Perform this Dua to change the husband’s heart for 4 days.

When the husband and wife don’t have a proper understanding between them then it is the duty of both husband and wife to create understanding between them. One such way by which wife can do that is to Dua to change her husband’s heart.  For any doubt related to the dua, you can speak to our Molvi Sab instantly. 

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