Dua Prayer To Get Rid of Fear of An Oppressor

Being oppressed is seriously not acceptable in today’s time. You do not want to be subordinate and get oppressed by anyone. If you fear someone and you’re being constantly oppressed and suppressed by him/ her, then you need to bring it to an end. If you do not have the courage to stop him by your actions or words, then the best way is to recite prayer to get rid of fear of an oppressor. When you will pray for it, very soon you will get the strength to face your oppressor and have the courage to say “no”.

Prayer To Get Rid of Fear of An Oppressor

Anyone can oppress you for any reason. It could be your boss oppressing you for the work and getting overtime done. It could be your classmates or colleagues putting peer pressure on you. It could be your parents or spouse. No matter who the oppressor is, if you do not have the courage to face them and say it to their mouth, then you should recite the wazifa to get rid of fear of an oppressor. The Islamic wazifa will help you end all your emotional fear and you will no longer be scared of that person.

Wazifa to Get Rid of Fear of An Oppressor

You will have all the guts to share your feelings and explain your point of view. Do not be afraid. Your oppressor will not harm you in any way. The wazifa will secure you from all sides and you will have complete protection. The wazifa will also change the heart of your oppressor and he will melt. You will not have to fight him/ her for anything and things will happen on their own. If you do not know how to tackle the situation, then our Islamic astrologer will guide you all through the procedure. Explain your problem to them and they will provide you with the best possible remedy.

Dua To Get Rid of Fear of An Oppressor

Apart from getting a suggestion from the Islamic astrologer, you should also recite the dua to get rid of fear of an oppressor. Insha Allah, very soon you will possess the abilities to face your fear and take a stand. The dua is mentioned below –

Dua To Get Rid of Fear of An Oppressor

  • On the night of Friday at 12, make ablution and write these verses.

“Iz Hummat Taifatana Minkum An Tafshala Walla Ho Walliyuhuma Wa Alal Lahi Fal Yata Wakkalil Mu’minina. WalaKad Na Sa Ra Kumul Laho Bi Badri Wa Antum Azzil Latun Fattakul Laha La Allakum Tushrikun. Iz Takulu Lil Muminina Allan Ya Kiffaikuum An Yumiddakum Rabookum Bi Sala Satin Allafim Mana Mala Ikatu Mun Zaleen”

  • Perform the Morning Prayer and remember Allah (subhan wa taalah) till sunrise.
  • Then perform two rakat obligatory Namaz and make fresh ablution.
  • Write these verses again and keep them with you.
  • In sha Allah, your prayers will be fulfilled.

If you do not get desired results in 7 days, then speak to the astrologer about it. Do not worry. Your fear against your oppressor will wipe away and you will become strong and fearless from your heart. Just have faith and perform this dua.

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