Dua Prayer And Wazifa For Protection Of Family

Dua Prayer And Wazifa For Protection Of Family
April 15, 2019 | By: admin

Your family is very dear to you and you would do everything to make it happy and secure. Every person does that but a lot of times things aren’t manageable from a worldly perspective and you require to seek refuge in the light of Allah (Subhan wa taalah) to give complete protection to your family. The dua prayer for protection of family will help you get complete safety for your family from the seen & unseen troubles. In sha Allah, no person, jinn or satan will have the power to cause any harm to you or your family.

Dua Prayer For Protection Of Family

Sometimes, people out of jealousy or enmity try to witchcraft you or do black magic spells on you. They do every attempt to harm your family and make things difficult for them. However, with the help of wazifa for protection of family, you can safeguard the member of your family from such malicious satanic attacks. It will defend your family and not allow any person to get affected by spells. Nothing can come into your house if you recite the wazifa with complete dedication and devotion and your home will be a perfectly safe place to live in.

Wazifa For Protection Of Family

“Bismillahii Ladhi la Yadurru ma Ismihi Shai’un Fil – Ardi Wa Laa Fissamaa’I Wa Huwa A;-Samee’u Al Aleem”

Whoever recites this prayer three times in the morning will remain protected from all calamities and problems before evening and who recite it thrice in the evening will never be overtaken by any troubles or calamities before morning. Just, pray and blow it on a bottle of water and make everyone drink it. Insha Allah, everyone in your home will be safe and sound.

Dua Prayer For Protection Of Family

If you are troubled by the misdeeds of your enemy and he/ she is trying to harm you or your family with the bad intentions, then the amal for protection of family will help you overtake those attacks. Your enemy will not be able to cause any harm to your family when you perform the amal. In fact, all their misdeeds will eventually fall back upon them and your family will be content and happy.

Amal For Protection Of Family

In order to find out the wazifa for protection of family, you should speak to the astrologer once. The Islamic specialist holds all the knowledge to guide you in such matters. They will provide you with the best possible remedy and help you get out of the trouble as soon as possible. Remember no one has the power to harm you when you are in the light of Allah Talah. So, just pray with all your heart and soul and have complete faith. It will bring the best results to you and you and your family shall never be a victim of such malicious attacks.

Even if you do not have any threats, then also you can perform the wazifa for protection of family in order to provide a successful, happy and safe life and future to your family. It is the best way to live life in Islam. So, recite this dua daily and see its effect on you and your family.

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