Dua For Punishing Your Enemies – Amal For Getting Rid Of Enemies

You have a number of people who may be thinking ill about you at this very moment. They fight with you and hold hatred in your heart. Many a times, they try to harm you and fight with you for their own profit. However, in order to teach your enemy a lesson, you should recite the dua for punishing your enemies. When you recite the dua for punishing your enemies, you will see that your enemy will move out of your way. He will never hurt you or harm you and be indifferent towards you.

Dua For Punishing Your Enemies

“Ya Uddati Inda Shiddati Wa Ya Gausi Inda Kur Bati Uh Ris Ni Bi Aini Kal Lati La Ta Na Mu Wak Fini Be Ruknikal Lazee La Yu Ramu Ya Zal Kuwwatil Ka Wayyiti Wa Zal Jalalish Shadee Di Wa Yazal Izzatil Lati Kullu Khalki ka Laha Za Leelun Salli Ala Muhammadiw Wa Aali Muhammadin Wak Fi Ni Zaali Mi Wan Takim Li Minhu”.

Recite this dua as much as you can during the day and night. It will help you punish your enemy and get rid of any him anyhow. You will not have any problem from his end, Insha Allah. In case, the dua isn’t fruitful for you, then you can speak to the astrologer about it. The astrologer will guide you with a suitable and more personalized amal which will help you get rid of your enemy very soon.

Amal For Getting Rid Of Enemies

If you are tired of fighting your enemy and you really wish to punish them for all the misdeeds they have done in your life, then you should perform amal for getting rid of enemies. When you perform the amal, your enemy will be completely destroyed. Your enemy will be defeated with you in every fight and things will be easier for you. Your enemy will have a lower hand you can subdue him any and every time you want. The amal is very powerful and will provide you with desired results in a very short span of time.

Amal For Getting Rid Of Enemies

Wazifa For Punish Of Enemies

In Islam, you can use wazifa to sort out all your enemy problems. Surely every person has enemies in their lives that creates problem for them. However, it depends on you how you handle it. If you know the right means to win over your enemy, then he will never overpower you. You may want to take revenge from your enemy and punish him for his deeds, but you fail to do it. The wazifa for punish of enemies will help you punish your enemies and get victory over them. In sha Allah, you will ride the success and be more powerful in comparison to your enemies.

So, have complete faith in the wazifa and perform dua for punishing your enemies with full dedication and devotion. You will surely reap its maximum benefit when you do it for the right purpose and intention. And, do consult the astrologer for any doubt in mind. He will provide you the best possible remedy for all your woes and worries. Go for it and get rid of all the tensions from your life.

Peer Muhammad Qadri

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