Dua For Protection Against Enemy – Dua When Enemy Attacks

Dua For Protection Against Enemy

An active enemy is more dangerous than a silent enemy. Your active enemy never goes out of ideas to hurt you. He makes every attempt to harm you and hurt you. Be it financial trouble, personal life trouble or any kind of problem, he is likely to attack you in more than one way. So, how do you protect yourself from your enemy attack? Well, if you really wish to secure yourself from your enemy attacks, then you should recite dua for protection against enemy. 

Prayer For Protection Against Enemy

This dua for protection against enemy will safeguard you from the misdeeds of your enemy. It will keep you protected till all his attempts to harm you fail. When your enemy is constantly creating plans to hurt you and create problems in your life, then it is better to create your protection shield beforehand with the help of Prayer for protection against enemy. So, whenever your enemy attacks you, at least you will be in the refuge of Allah (Subhan wa taalah). With the help of dua when the enemy attacks, you can be assured that nothing can hurt you. No matter how much and how hard your enemy tries to overpower you, he will fail every time. Do not worry. Allah (Subhan wa taalah) is the most supreme and He shall never let your enemy win.

Dua When The Enemy Attacks

Surah Qasas verse # 21 is the ayat to keep yourself secure from the malicious attacks of your enemy. Recite “Rabbi Najj Jinee Minal Qaw Midh Dhaalimeen” after every obligatory prayer of the day. Recite the dua 7 times after every namaz. Make sure you recite Durood Shareef thrice before and after the dua. In sha Allah, you will always be safe and sound and no satanic thing will be able to impact you and your family. Do not be scared. When you recite the dua permanently and your enemy will fail every time, he shall give up one day and stop causing any problem in your life.

Dua When Enemy Attacks

Amal For Protection Against Enemy

Most of the time your enemy knows your limitations and he is well aware of what you can do and what you can’t! However, if you speak to the Islamic astrologer about it and ask for amal for protection against enemy, then you shall be secure and will never face any trouble from your enemy’s hand. Everything will be well handled and the amal will safeguard you. The amal is very effective and renders desirable results very soon. The astrologer will provide you knowledge about the complete procedure and Insha Allah, you will get success in your attempt.

However, you shouldn’t do the amal on anyone innocent and do it only with the right intention to get the right results. In case the dua doesn’t provide you with apt results, you can get personalized help from the astrologer for your matter. Their personalized assistance will help you fight your enemy in a better way. Indeed you will win. Have complete faith in the prayer and dua for protection against enemy and do it with a clear heart, body, and soul. You will always be safe from your enemy.

Islamic Prayer Against Enemy Attack

When you have your enemy in front of you, you do not want to leave any stone unturned. You wish to do everything to win against him. It may be worldly or rohani, but you want to be prepared with everything for him. Apart from doing all the worldly him and doing your best to put a great fight against him, you should also seek refuge in the light of Allah (Subhan wa taalah). By the grace of Allah (Subhan wa taalah), you definitely have all the chance to win against him. You should recite prayer against enemy attack to win from your enemy.

Dua Against Enemy Attack

If your enemy uses all the fair and foul means to fight against you and he/ she is ready to harm and hurt you in any way, then your enemy is surely a bad person. You cannot fight with your intentions against him. However, when you recite the dua against enemy attack, then you will have all the safety on your side. Your enemy will not be able to hurt you in any way. He will lose from you every time he plans an attack and you will be victorious. His bad intentions against you will never be successful.

If your enemy never gives up on you and is always making attacks on you, professionally and personally, then you should do counter-attacks on him. What better way do you have other than praying to Allah (swt) for his destruction and defeat. When you recite wazifa against enemy attack, your enemy will lose his strength to fight you. He will no longer be able to stand as a competition against you. 

Wazifa Against Enemy Attack

The right way to get details of the wazifa is to speak to an astrologer. With the help of Islamic experts, you shall be able to deal with your enemy in a better way. He will guide you the right dua and wazifa to get rid of your enemy. And surely you wouldn’t be the sufferer anymore. So, do not worry. Share your problem with the astrologer to get correct suggestion on your matter. Do not lose hope. Everything will be fine.

The procedure for following the wazifa is given below –

  • If your enemy is creating problems for you every now and then and wishes to harm you in every instance of life, then you should perform ablution at midnight hours.
  • When everyone is sleeping, burn the incense of black pepper and put a lemon in your mouth.
  • Recite Surah Feel 313 times and every time you reach the “As Habul Feel” think of your enemy and imagine him suffering in intense pain.
  • It will make your enemy go away from your life forever and stop hurting you.
  • Your enemy will be avenged every time he thinks of harming you.
  • And, In sha Allah, you will escape his trap.
  • In case you wish to know more about this wazifa, speak to the astrologer about it instantly.

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