Dua For Marriage Proposal Acceptance

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Dua for Marriage Proposal

Is your relationship status complicated from the end of your lover? Have you proposed your girlfriend but still hasn’t given her consent for marriage? Are you in a dilemma that when you propose your lover, what will their answer be? Well, you can get rid of this headache by reciting the dua for acceptance of marriage proposal. When you recite the wazifa, your proposal will surpass a smoother way and you will get a spontaneous reply from your lover. The wazifa will melt the heart of your lover and they will accept the proposal instantly.

The dua can also be recited by parents of a girl or boy looking forward to sending a marriage proposal. If you are planning to visit the home of a boy or girl for a marriage proposal for the hand of your girl or boy and do not want any denial or rejection, then you should recite the dua for acceptance of marriage proposal. When you recite the dua, it will ensure that your proposal will get accepted, Insha Allah. So, just recite the dua and go freely with your proposal.

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If you like someone and wish to get married to them but do not have the courage to say it out to them because of the fear of denial and rejection, then you can get the taweez for acceptance of marriage proposal. The taweez can be provided by an Islamic specialist. With so much knowledge and experience, the astrologer can provide you the best taweez that will instantly melt the heart of the boy or girl you love and they will immediately say yes for the rishta.

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Dua for Marriage Proposal Acceptance

Often both the boy and the girl are ready for marriage, but they fear that when they outbreak the news to their families, their parents will deny for the marriage proposal. If you’re scared that your parents will reject the proposal of your lover, then you should do the amal for acceptance of marriage proposal. When you do the amal right, it will render instant results and be it your parents or parents of your lover, both will accept the marriage proposal and do arrangements for your marriage.

  • You can do this wazifa before going to bed.
  • Sit in a quiet and lonely place.
  • Make fresh ablution.
  • Recite DuroodShareef 11 times.
  • Recite Surah Rahman thrice.
  • Recite DuroodShareef 11 times in the end
  • Pray to Allah (swt) that whatever the hindrance is between you and the acceptance of your proposal, it is sorted.
  • Insha Allah, you will see that situations will fall in your favor.
  • You have to do this amal until your proposal gets acceptance.
  • The noteworthy point about this wazifa is that it can be done by anyone.
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It is very important that you speak to an Islamic professional before reciting the wazifa. It will strengthen your amal and you will get guaranteed results. So, do not waste a single moment and speak to the astrologer now!

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