Dua To Make Someone Marry You

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Dua For Immediate Marriage

Many parents are very desperate to perform the marriage of their children. But their children don’t want perform marriage. They always deny their parent for marriage. In such situation parents can take the help of dua for immediate marriage.

When parents think that their children have reached the age of marriage. They want their children to get married quickly. They think that if they delay the marriage of their child marriage their child might get into some bad activities. Marriage controls a person from a lot of evils activities. Wazifa for quick marriage proposal will be a very effective way by which parents can perform the marriage of their children immediately.

When we want to marry the person whom we love, we make all such efforts to convince our partner for marriage. But sometimes our partner doesn’t gets convinced after all our efforts. This creates a panic situation for us. We want to make sure that our partner also gets ready for marriage. Dua to make someone marry you will help us in convincing our partner.

Dua To Make Someone Marry You

Sometimes our partner is not convinced to marry us because our partner is confused about us. Our partner thinks that we are not the right one for marriage. To remove this confusion of our partner we can try dua to make someone marry you. Every man and woman wants a good spouse. A husband wants a good wife who should look after him and always support him. He desires of a wife who not only look after her husband but also the parents of her husband. A husband feels really lucky if he gets such a wife. For getting such a wife husband can perform dua for finding a good spouse. Same is the case of wife. Wife also wants a good husband, a husband who always supports her, who always give her love and respect and fulfills her every dream. Getting a good husband is the best thing that a wife can get in her life.

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Dua For Finding A Good Spouse

Wife can also practice dua for finding a good spouse. Wife should perform this dua after Maghrib Namaz. It is a very effective dua so before performing wife should make all necessary arrangements. Dua for immediate marriage is like this-

  •  Firstly recite Durood e Pak for 97 times.
  •  After that recite Dua for marriage-“ Alaa Muhammadin In Naa Bee”.
  • Recite this dua for 1455 times.
  • Then write the name of the person with whom you want get married on a piece of paper.
  • Then write the name of the parents of the person whom you want to get married.
  • Then read Surah Bakra for 120 times.
  • After that blow your breath on that piece of paper.
  • And then burn that piece of paper.
  • Then read Surah Nisa for 1477 times.
  • Perform this Dua for early marriage for 5 days.
  • While performing make sure that you sit in a lonely room.For further any questions feel free to call our molvi sb. to get his immediate attention.
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