Powerful Dua For Good Spouse From Quran


The dua for good spouse we provided for finding a good spouse has been a blessing for the readers of Surah Dua. Many have found their ideal life partners by following it, and this success continues to grow.

Finding a good life partner is very important. Marriage is a special bond that lasts forever. If you don’t like your partner, life can feel really hard. Everyone wants a partner who understands them, cares for them, and respects them.

Sometimes, people feel sad when they can’t find a good partner. They think their life is ruined and getting married was a mistake. But making decisions quickly can cause pain. Allah, the creator of this world, has given us guidance in the Quran and Sunnah.

Today, we will share a special dua that can help you find a good spouse. Many people have followed this dua and are now very happy with their life partners.

If you want to forget your past, you can recite our dua to forget someone you love completely.

7 Important Rules Before Starting the Dua For Finding A Good Spouse

  1. Pray in a Clean, Quiet Place: Make sure the place is clean and peaceful.
  2. Have Pure Thoughts: Don’t think badly about anyone while praying.
  3. Face the Qibla: This direction helps your prayer get accepted quickly.
  4. Special Time for Women: Women should not pray this dua during their menstruation. They can start three days after it ends.
  5. Have Full Faith in Allah: Believe that Allah will accept your prayer.
  6. Do Charity: Give something to the poor or feed someone. This can help your prayer get accepted.
  7. Choose a Special Time: Praying during special times, like the last third of the night, between the adhan and iqamah, or on Fridays, can help your prayers get accepted.

4 Easy Steps to Perform the Dua For Good Spouse

  1. Perform Wudu: Clean yourself properly.
  2. Read Durood Sharif: Recite it 11 times.
  3. Recite This Dua:
    • “Rabbana hablana min azwajina wadhuriyyatina qurrata a‘yunin waj‘alna lil-muttaqina imama.”
    • This means: “Our Lord, grant us from among our spouses and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.”
    • Repeat it 454 times.
  4. Pray to Allah: Ask Allah to give you a good spouse.

Do this every day for 16 days after any salah. InshaAllah, you will find a good spouse if you perform this with full faith.

Simple Dua for a Good Husband (Get Good Husband)

If you are a girl worried about finding a good husband, follow these steps:

If you are a girl worried about finding a good husband, follow these steps:

  1. Perform Wudu: Clean yourself properly.
  2. Say “Bismillah”: Say it 343 times.
  3. Recite This Dua:
    • “Allahumma inni as’aluka min khayriha wa khayri ma jabaltaha ‘alayh, wa a’udhu bika min sharriha wa sharri ma jabaltaha ‘alayh.”
    • This means: “O Allah, I ask You for the goodness of her and the goodness upon which You have created her, and I seek refuge in You from the evil of her and the evil upon which You have created her.”
    • Repeat it 435 times.
  4. Pray to Allah: Ask Allah to give you a good husband.

Do this every day for 15 days with full faith in Allah.

Simple Dua for a Good Husband (Get Good Husband)

Step by Step Procedure Dua For Getting A Good Spouse

  • First, start with reciting 2 rak-at-salat to fulfill your wish.
  • After that, read Salawat eleven times.
  • Now, recite the five tasbih of Sayyida Fatima Zehra,

Allah Akbar thirty four (34) times,
Alhamdulillah 34 times, Subhanaallah 33 times,
La Ilaha Illallah once

  • After that, again repeat salawat eleven times.
  • Finally, read Surah Taha verse twice & just pray to Allah Tallah for a perfect marriage partner.

How To Perform Dua for a Good Life Partner In Islam

If you want a good life partner, recite this dua:

  • “Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqeer.”
  • This means: “My Lord, indeed I am, for whatever good You would send down to me, in need.”

Recite this dua sincerely and regularly, especially during your daily prayers.

Powerful Dua For Righteous Spouse in Islam

Wa Huwal Ladhee Khala Ka Minal Maa’ Aai Basha Ran Fa Ja’Alahu Nasaban Wa Sihran Wa Kana Rabbuka Kadeera

  • Recite this dua for good spouse from Quran 111 times
  • After that do salah of noon and make dua to Allah Talah to bless you with a good life partner.
  • Insha Allah within a period of 41 days, you will receive a good number of proposals for you.
  • Pick the one compatible with you and you can soon fix your marriage date too.

If a girl wish to marry a dream boy then she should recite dua for getting good husband in Islam.

Powerful Dua For Righteous Spouse in Islam

Magical Dua For Finding a Righteous Spouse

Dua for spouse in Quran will never let your marriage be in jeopardy. He will know the right way to deal with his wife and tackle all marital problems with ease.

  • Recite this Ayat of Surah Yaseen 101 times
  • after the namaz of Maghrib and make dua to Allah Miyan to bless you with a righteous and pious husband.
  • Insha Allah, whoever your husband will be, he will surely be one in a million and would love you with all he has. 

Subhanal Lazee Khala Kal Azwaja Kul Laha Mimma Tumbitul Ardho Wa Min Anfusihim Wa Mimma La Ya’ Lamoon

  • Make sure you include Durood Shareef at the start and end of the Ayat.
  • Recite this dua for 41 days and then stop
  • And wait for marriage proposals to come your way. 

Even if you like someone and want that person to be your life partner, then you can perform dua for finding soulmate and Insha Allah soon that person will become your partner. You don’t have to go after them, send proposals, it will happen with the will of Allah Talah. 


These simple duas can help you find a good spouse and bring happiness to your life. Follow the steps with full faith in Allah, and inshaAllah, you will find the right partner. Trust in Allah’s wisdom and plan, and be patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dua for good husband?

Dua for good husband is the prayer that women read to get the best life partner for marriage. Dua for good life partner is performed after performing wuzu and reading the Fifth Kalma 96 times. Then you have to chant “Bi Rahmatika Istageeth” 100 times followed by 98 recitations of Surah Baqarah.

How Do You Pray For A Life Partner In Islam?

You can pray to get a good spouse by reciting the Islamic dua for getting a good life partner. It is a very effective dua for a good spouse in Islam. It helps both men and women in getting the perfect life partner with whom they can spend their whole life blissfully.

How Do You Pray For A Good Wife in Islam?

Dua for pious wife is a way of asking Allah to help in finding a good wife. Men who want to marry a woman who is loyal to her religion and Allah should read this dua with full conviction. 

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