Dua for Forgiveness of All Sins in Islam

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No human is perfect and we all are full of errors. Human being is the best creation of Allah (Swt) but making mistake is in their very nature. It is one of the most significant traits of the entire Ummah of Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). Our mistakes are categorized as sins in Islam and in order to seek redemption and get forgiveness. One needs to recite the dua for forgiveness of all sins in Islam. When you recite the dua for forgiveness of all sins in Islam, you will get exculpation from all your previous sins. And will not enter into any further satanic deed.

Islamic Dua for Forgiveness for all sins in Islamic world

Recite the given dua for seeking forgiveness 10 times before going to sleep and seek for mercy for all your sins. Insha Allah, Allah Talah will forgive you. Or if you want, you can also recite the dua for seeking forgiveness 100 times in a day and blow it on yourself.

Dua for forgiveness – “Astagfirullah Rabbi Min Kulli Zambiyon Wa Atoobu Ilaihi”

Islamic Dua For Forgiveness

The dua for forgiveness will wipe out all your Sagira and Kabira sins and it makes you clean. Make a promise to Allah (SWT) that you will forbid doing any sins in the future. Insha Allah all your sins will be forgiven by the Almighty and you will be as pure as a newborn baby!

Whether you commit a major sin or minor one, it needs to be wiped out or washed off from your life as soon as possible. The simple reason behind it is that hardly any of our prayers are accepted in the arena of the Almighty and above it if we indulge in sins, then where will we stand on the Day of Judgment. Every Muslim wants that their sin should be forgiven so that whatever they may pray for is heard and fulfilled by Allah (swt).

Wazifa for Forgiveness for all sins in islam

So, in order to get forgiveness for all your sins, you should recite the wazifa for forgiveness of all sins in Islam. When you recite the wazifa for forgiveness of all sins in Islam, your astagfar will be directly heard by the Almighty. Insha Allah you will be forgiven. It is very much possible that your sins will outweigh your good deeds on the Day of Judgment. And thus, consistently asking for forgiveness will help you lessen them. It will increase your good deeds and Insha Allah, you will be bestowed with good things i.e. Jannah in the end.

Remember this is the moment when your Tauba will be accepted by Allah Talah. If this time passes, then none of your cries and prayers will be accepted. Thus, it is very important that you seek forgiveness with a clear heart and good intention. Speak to our Molvi ji and get the amal and dua for forgiveness of all sins in Islam. Insha Allah, your sins will be removed. You can also know about the ways in which you can avoid doing sins or mistakes. It will help you preserve yourself and be good from the inside. So, do not be scared. Keep praying and saying sorry for all your sins daily.

Allah Talah is the most beneficent and merciful and only He can forgive you for your every sin.


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