Dua, Amal and Wazifa For Protection From Enemies

Wazifa For Enemies Protection

When you stand in opposition to someone and hold real enmity with them, it gets important to secure yourself first. It is very important to keep you and your family protected from the attacks of your enemy. And, the right thing to preserve your family is to recite wazifa for protection from enemies. The wazifa will secure you and your family from the malicious deeds of your enemy. You will be at bay and won’t have to suffer at the hands of your enemy in any way.

If you’re really worried about the safety of your family and wish to keep them secure from the misdeeds of your enemy, then you should speak to the Islamic astrologer. The specialist will provide you with the right advice and suggestion as per your matter. All you need to do is follow their suggestion and you will be able to keep yourself and your family secure. The dua for protection from enemies is very effective and will help you get desired results. If you do not wish to keep your family at stake, then the dua will be the best remedy for you.

Taweez For Protection From Enemies

The astrologer will also provide you the taweez for protection from enemies. It will keep you away from the misdeeds and black magic spells of your enemy. You can fight freely with your enemy without being scared for your own life and other things at stake. But, with the taweez in your neck, you will no longer have any threat from your enemy. Your life will be secure, your business and work will be safe, your family will be protected and nothing can harm you from your enemy’s side. So, why not get out of all the trouble and issues that your enemy has created for you by safeguarding you and your dear ones.

Wazifa For Protection From Enemies

Islamic Amal For Protection From Enemies

Often your enemy does sifli amal for you on your life. They do not want to see you alive and hale and hearty. However, the amal for protection from enemies protects you from all the evil deeds. You will no longer face any kind of trouble from his side and all his attacks on you will end on its own. It is the best way to stay secure from the malicious deeds of your enemy. The procedure of Islamic amal for protection from enemies is given below:

  • Commence this procedure after performing the obligatory prayer of the night on Friday at 12.00
  • Make fresh ablution
  • Recite two rakat Nafil Hajat and then pray to Allah (Subhan wa taalah) for your protection.
  • Now think of your enemy and face towards Qibla
  • Recite Durood Ibrahim 11 times.
  • Recite Ayat Yunous 1200 times.
  • Recite Durood Ibrahim 11 times in the end.
  • Weep and pray for protection from Allah (Subhan wa taalah)
  • In sha Allah, your prayers will be heard and you will be secured.

In case the procedure doesn’t give you complete safety then speak to the astrologer instantly about it. If your enemy is literally after you, then consult the astrologer as soon as possible for immediate help.

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