Dua To Remove Difficulties, Hardships, Troubles, Tension and Stress

According to our Imams and holy text books, there are a number of powerful dua to remove difficulties from our day to day life. We all face struggle every day. When we get up every morning, we face a new Read More

Asaib Se Chutkara pana

Asaib Se Nijat Pane Ka Wazifa – Asaib Se Chutkara Pane Ki Dua

Aksar log asaib ke boore saye mein phaas jate hain. Zyadatar aurte aur bache iska shikar ho jate hain. Aurto aur Baccho ko hi zyadatar Asaib pareshan karte hai. Asaib matlab bura saaya. Ab chahe us bure saaya ko bhut Read More

Wazifa To Remove Evil Spirits

Wazifa To Remove Evil Spirits – Dua To Recite If Disturbed By Evil Spirit 5 (1)

Wazifa To Remove Evil Spirits In our lives, we often come to hear people saying that they are getting affected by an evil spirit. They are possessed by a demon’s (so called shaitaan) shadow. Such people’s life is in control Read More