Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ki Dua

Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ki Dua

Dreams in Islam have a special place. Very often your dreams are very near to reality. However, you cannot connect all your dreams to real life. Sometimes, you get dreams from satan too. These dreams are not good, they are nightmares. One should avoid getting such dreams. They have a bad impact on your mind and may hamper your mental status. The right way to escape it to recite bure khawab se bachne ki dua; Bure khawab se bachne ki dua will help you avoid seeing such dreams at night and have a good night sleep.

Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ka Wazifa

The bure khawab se bachne ka wazifa is given here –

  • Before going to sleep, you should recite bure khawab se bachne ki dua mentioned.
  • Recite “Ya Shadeedo” three times
  • Blow it on yourself, hands and chest.
  • Then recite this dua (bure khawab se bachne ki dua) once “Bismika Allah Humma Wa Zaato Jan Bi Wa Bika Arfa O Hu Insha Allahu Talah iih Fizni Min Nomi Janbi Bima Tahfazu Bayhi Iba Daka Salihina Wa Auzubika Min Hamaza Ti’sh Shayateeni Wa An Yadhuroon”
  • And then go to bed.
  • Insha Allah, you will not have any bad dreams at night.
  • You should do it daily till you stop witnessing such dreams during your sleep.

Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ka Amal

Most of the times, your dreams are a projection of your thoughts and doings. Thus, it is important that you do all good deeds in your life. If you are not a pious person, then you should follow Islam rigorously. It will also help in making your night sleep comfortably. For those people who are scared to sleep alone, the bure khawab se bachne ka amal will help you in a lot of ways. It will give you the strength to sleep alone at night. Even if no one is in the house, you will not be scared.

Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ka wazifa

Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ka Taweez

Often people are a victim of insomnia. They do not get sleep at night. They spend the whole night sitting and awake. However, if you’re also suffering from it, then you should speak to the astrologer about it. The astrologer will give you the procedures to sleep early at night and get up early in the morning for Fajr. You should also talk about your bad dreams. They will reveal its depiction and also provide you with the necessary protection. You can get bure khawab ki dua, buray khwab ki dua, be khawabi ki dua, bure khawab ki dua and buray khwab se bachne ki dua from them. It will keep you secure from all satanic activities in your dream and you will not get any nightmare at night.

Do not be scared. Have complete faith in the amal and do as directed. Things will change for the better and you will see its results in just a few days. Getting bad dreams is a sign that maybe you are not remembering Allah (SWT) after you complete your day. The dua will ensure that you live well and sleep well at night. No evil spirit, demon or satanic actions will trouble you after this and you will live a very good life both during the day and at night. Try it out and see it for yourself!

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