Amal, Wazifa, Dua To Stop Shaitan Waswas & Bad Thoughts

No one of us wants to be influenced by Satan in any way in our life. We all wish to live in the light of Allah (SWT), but the Almighty has given Satan the power to misguide humans. However, He has also given the full ability to mankind to stop a man from getting affected by shatain waswas and bad thoughts. Yes, when you recite the dua to stop shaitan waswas and bad thoughts, you will see that no satanic thought will come in between you and your Allah Talah.

Dua To Stop Shaitan Waswas & Bad Thoughts

When you’re doing something good, then satan always wants to stop you. He does all types of satanic attack to prohibit you from proceeding ahead. Satan doesn’t want you to be on the righteous path of Allah (Swt). He endeavors his best to stop you from being good, doing good and moving on the right path. However, when you recite the wazifa to stop shaitan waswas and bad thoughts, it will prohibit you from getting influenced in anyway. So, do not worry.

Wazifa To Stop Shaitan Waswas

For those people who are easily influenced by any satanic attack and they fail to find the right way out whenever such things trouble them, the right way is to perform the amal to stop shaitan waswas. The amal will stop all such evil thoughts from entering your mind. It will divert your mind to positive things and righteous thoughts. They will no longer be able to harm you or hamper your thinking in anyway. If you’re really worried about how can you avoid such thoughts in your daily life and live a pious and peaceful life, then you should perform the amal as directed by the astrologer.

Amal To Stop Shaitan Waswas

It is important that you speak to the astrologer before proceeding with the amal. It will igve you more firmness and faith. The astrologer will be your perfect guide in the amal and will explain you the complete procedure personally. Have faith in the amal and do it with a clean heart. In sha Allah, no satan or evil thought will ever enter your mind.

Dua To Stop Shaitan Waswas

The powerful dua to stop shaitan waswas is given below –

  • You have to perform all the obligatory prayer of the day for this dua.
  • Recite Ayat-ul-kursi once
  • After that, recite this ayat from Surah Al-Imran “La Ikraha Fid Dini Kat Tabbiyyinar Rushdu Minal Gayyi Famiy Yakfur Bit Tagute Wa Yu Min Billahi Fakadis Tamsak Bil Urwati Wuska Lan Fisama Laha Wallaho Samiyun Aleem”
  • Then, recite “Allaho Walliyullazeena Amanu Yukh Rijuhum Minaz Zulumati Ilan Nuri Wal Lazeena Amanu Yukh Rijuhum Man Zulumati Ilan Noori Wal Lazeena Kafaru Au Liya Ahumut Tagutu Yukhrijuna hum Manan Noori Ilaz Zulumati Ulaa’aika As Habunnai Hum Feeha Khaleedoon”
  • In sha Allah, no devilish thought or shaitaniwaswas can hamper you in any way.
  • Feel free to speak to the astrologer if you have any doubt
  • Allah Talah will bestow you with amazing riches and good deeds.

Recite it after every namaz to get the best results of this wazifa. You will see a change in your life in a few days.

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